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E and G

By Joe Hinostro


An attractive woman with a strikingly large bosom sits down and looks at the camera that is already rolling. She begins talking to the camera:

So today will be another sex story. So I met this guy through some friends.

A mighty woman stands proud and fearless within the scorched battlefield.  The living, breathing water of mana itself drapes her fine skin like a dress made from the finest silk—rippling and contouring to the wind’s whims.

Gideon of the Trial, the might planeswalker of the plains, step forward. She knows by the look in his eyes he has chosen to join the fight. Gideon charges her. Suddenly her spell book appears before her, floating in the air. The book glows. She flicks her hand through the air, and suddenly the waters rise and a Torrential Gearhulk emerges from the summoned waters. Her spell book glows again and from the graveyard  Vraska's Contempt casts upon the world once again. Gideon of the Trial struggles, but it is no use, he is banished from existence.

Suddenly a voice enters her headset, “Damn good move.”

She answers back, “Thanks.”

They are playing an online card game and the battle rages on.

She recounts how things played out.

As you already know I play a lot Magic The Gathering. He just showed up one day within our group. He already knew couple of the guys. He was never online that much be he was good. I played him a couple of times. He was always so cocky. He would talk a lot of shit—sexual stuff. To make a long story short, one day I finally I called him out on his bluff.

His words remove the playfulness that is typically in her demeanor. She speaks into her mic, “Prove it.”

As soon as those words leave her mouth, he takes action. From their video chat she watches him reach into his pants.

He pulled out his dick right then and there. I didn’t think he was going to.

She is definitely underwhelmed by what she sees. She does a good job hiding her disappointment.

He fondles his manhood until its growth allows for stroking.

She thinks to herself: That isn’t a bad size. I’ve had smaller. Though it’s not what I would prefer. She continues to watch.

His strokes become longer in stride as his growth increases.

A smile sneaks its way on to her face. She quickly regains a straight face as she thinks to herself: Now that’s more like it! Nice and fat.

He continues playing with himself and with each new second more is revealed about him; and by now, the peak of his dick is soaring.

Suddenly an involuntary sensation tingles between her legs. She quickly suppresses the feeling: Doesn’t mean anything if he’s not here for me to feel it.

He stops and gives his dick a shake as he speaks to her, “Okay enough of this. Let’s get back to the game.”

“Okay,” She says as she watches his disk wobble: Damn wasn’t even fully hard!

I was impressed that he actually showed it, but to be honest, he didn’t even get fully hard. He got like a half-chub before he wanted to finish the game we were playing. We played the game and that was that.

A little bit of time passes on; turning into days, He is persistent to get inside her. Finally, she agrees. He is waiting at the mutually agreed location. His eyes perk up when he sees her pull into the parking lot of the hotel. She parks, and he walks over. She gets out and they hug.

He did keep pestering me about fucking me. And at first, I didn’t want to because he didn’t even get hard. He half-assed it. That made me think he was going to half things in person. He kept asking and finally I agreed to meet up.

They walk into the building. He leads the way to their room. As soon as the door clicks shut, they are touching and pulling clothes off each other.

They fall to the bed. They kiss passionately over and over. In-between lips pushing upon each other, clothing continues to fall off; until all that remains are naked bodies touching while lips tell the truth.

When I first saw him, he wasn’t really the type I go to. He’s not tall but he’s not short either.

Then she feels his manhood begin to push against her abdomen. With each kiss she gives him, she can feel his dick slide higher up her stomach. His hands move up and down along the sides of her body. His hands plant on her hips. His body slides against the sheets as he slightly lowers himself.

 With his hands still on her hips and giving her soft and full kisses, he tries to penetrate. She flinches slightly from the failed attempt. He tries again, but this time, she helps him with her hand.

He slowly and naturally splits her open. He moves on top of her. With his arms, he pins her legs back by her head. He gradually increases his speed. They are both in the moment. She is keeping her mind focused on how he feels, and he’s trying his best to get off.

Time wears on, and he is still trying his best to get off soon as possible. Through their sweat drenched bodies, she pushes into his thrusts. As he becomes more desperate to reach climax, his plunges into her become so ferocious that she loses her breath. She pays attention to him and syncopates her breaths to his pump.

As soon as she feels his tip begin to retreat, she takes a breath. Fortunately for her his strides are very long, giving her more than enough time to take in the air she needs; no sooner is his dick pushing all that air right back out of her lungs. This back and forth continues forever. Then he suddenly rolls off her and on to his back. While he lays there, between gasps, he says, “I got to rest. Get on top.”

She doesn’t hesitate, thinking to herself: Fine by me!

She hops on and takes him for a ride. After a while of riding him like a wild bronco, she slows things down. She lowers herself to him. They kiss, all the while, she is gyrating on his pelvis. She forgets about time, and he forgets about cumming. Then suddenly a sensation sneaks up on her. She starts climaxing. She does her best to continue kissing him whilst amidst her pleasant surprise.

More time passes and finally she whispers into his ear, mentioning the thing that’s been on her mind all day, “I want you to cum.”

“Believe me I want to,” he starts jabbing up into her. He slows to a stop and finishes his thought, “But it doesn’t look like I’m going to be cumming tonight.”

Those words make her sit up and question him, “Why not?” Still on his dick.

He wraps his arms around her and brings her close to him—as close as bodies allow. “But this is great. I want to keep going.”

She studies his face as she keeps her thoughts to herself: I agree this is great, but if you’re not going to take this seriously, I’m not going to just let you enjoy me. She gets off him.

The unexpected temporary void left by him, forces her to cover up the spot for a moment. She then gets off the bed and starts getting dressed.

He lifts his head from the pillow. “What happened? Where you are going?”

“I’m leaving.”

He hops off the bed and hurries to get dress. “I’ll at least walk you to your car.”

We got into the room. It was a nice room and it smelled good. And we did the deed. I can’t say too much about the exchange. But I will say the whole time I could tell he was having trouble just staying semi-hard. That’s pretty much how it went down.

She turns off the camera and starts editing the footage. After she is done, she goes to bed.

Her phone lights up with a text. It’s from him. He’s been texting her frequently, with lovely words, trying to entice her. She reads the lovely note. She leaves him hanging. But the note does create lovely feelings in her chest. She falls asleep next to her man.